Top 10 best fashion and dance movies combined

I might be a little late, but I just found out the sister duo behind the fashion forward house of Rodarte, did the costumes for the buzz worthy movie that is, “Black Swan”.  Directed by The Wrestlers’ Darren Aronofsky who also directed the mind altering Requiem for a Dream, put together a star-studded cast including, Ms. Whatever happened to her Wynona Ryder herself.  Natalie Portman and Mila Kuris also join the cast to create what is bound to be a new cult classic dance-infused movie.

In the spirit of dance and fashion, I have put together a list of my top ten body shaking movies that are worth watching, if not only for the art of dance, simply for the clothes they wear while doing it.  Whether they were saving the last dance, or just looking for Mr. Right, these women, and men have the talent of looking good.

  1. The Red Shoes-1948
  2. The Turning Point-1977
  3. Flash Dance-1983
  4. Suspiria-1977
  5. Center Stage-2000
  6. Dirty Dancing-1987
  7. Foot Loose-1984
  8. Billy Elliot-200
  9. Save the last Dance-2001
  10. Saturday Night Fever-1977


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